Is uzi not in RNG? Uzi is not in the summer list
Is uzi not in RNG? What happened to Uzi not in the summer list? What happened when Uzi was not in the list?On June 1st, the League of Legends LPL Division RNG announced the list of RNG teams for the 2020 LPL Summer Games. There is no Uzi on this list. Only Lu Yuhong Betty is in the AD position. At this point, it can be confirmed that Uzi did not renew the contract with RNG and join other parties after the contract expires.The team, as to whether it is retired or transferred is temporarily unknown, the following editor brings Uzi not in the list of details, let’s take a look.  Uzi is not on the list. On June 1, 2020, RNG’s official Weibo announced the team’s summer list. The first-level personnel changes are two new top players 705 and the new join. Uzi is not in the minority list, which is also the most people.Unexpected.Air Force sources indicate that Uzi currently has no contract and is in a free man state.  Uzi players were still on the RNG team roster during the spring of this year, but they have been on a rest. For the first time in their careers, they missed the entire season.On April 30th, the contract between Uzi and the RNG team has been officially terminated. So far no news of renewal or termination has been announced.  Now that Uzi is a free man, there is no news whether he will renew his contract with RNG or transfer.However, it must be hoped that Uzi will remain on the field and will respect his other decisions!  The 2020 LPL Summer Games RNG team list is as follows: Head Coach: Zhao Shiheng, Mata Assistant Coach: Shen Dongyu Sereno Analyst: Wang Baiqin Tabe Manager: Li Mingxiao Shawn Team Leader: Jin He Shadow Order: He Yulong 705 Tian Zhipeng New Jungle: Bruce Lee XLB Wang Kangcan S1xuSingle: Li Yuanhao Xiaohu Yuan Chengwei Cryin ADC: Lu Yuhong Betty Auxiliary: Shi Senming Ming Original title: Uzi is not in the list, what is the matter Uzi is not in the RNG summer season list details