2015 Asian Cup group national football team must be signed? Never beat three teams in the same group
At 4 pm yesterday, the 2015 Australian Asian Cup lottery ceremony was held at the Sydney Opera House antiques. As a result, the Chinese team was drawn to Group B with Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia and North Korea.Without encountering Japan, South Korea, Iran and host Australia, a large number of media believe that the national football team has drawn the signing.However, looking at historical data, the national football team has never won these three opponents in the Asian Cup, and the strength of the current national football team may not be above these three opponents.Even the national football team can qualify, and their next opponent will be Australia or South Korea.Therefore, the national football team has been able to complete the team’s qualifying task, has been a surprise.The signing paper of the Chinese team showed at the Asian Cup lottery ceremony that the touch with the Ukrainian team is not qualified. Since the national football team has entered the third team of the Asian Cup, it is true how the result of this lottery, the national football team will encounter strong opponents.In the eyes of many media, the national football team won the signing.This is because Uzbekistan is the weakest seed team, the Saudi team is the opponent of the national football qualifiers, the national football team currently maintains two consecutive victories against the North Korean team.  However, in the history of the Asian Cup, the national football team has never won these three teams.In 1988 and 1992, the Saudi team twice competed with the Chinese team in the Asian Cup group stage. The results of the Saudi team were one win and one draw.In the 1980 Asian Cup group stage, the national football team lost to the Korean team 1-2.  The Uzbekistan team is in the same group as the national football team for three consecutive times.In the 1996 Asian Cup, the national football team lost to Uzbekistan 0-2.In the 2007 and 2011 Asian Cup group matches, the national football team lost one draw to the Uzbekistan team and missed the knockout.Perrin gave up overseas training. For the team in the same group, national football coach Peran also gave a very high evaluation: “Uzbekistan is a strong opponent, North Korea is not so easy to deal with, Saudi Arabia has excellent Asian Cup experience.The Asian Cup is a very important game. Many teams are evenly matched. We will work hard to create some surprises.”It is reported that the next training session of the national football team will be launched in late May, and Perrin has also finalized a large list of 35 people.According to the warm-up plan previously arranged for the national team by the Chinese Football Association, it will be practiced in the United States before the start of the World Cup, and a friendly match with some World Cup athlete teams.However, after watching two rounds of the Chinese Super League, Perrin decided to abandon overseas training and switch to domestic training. He wanted to pick and observe more players.The former national football agent Fu Bo also suggested that Peran should not arrange too many warm-up matches for the national football.2015 Asian Cup grouping results 2014 AFC Challenge Cup champion Ai Bing faces no “sign”, Ai Bing faces no “sign”, and “young blood” can bring vitality and hope, next year’s Asian CupThe national football team must understand these two points.  In the previous two Asian Cups, when the signing of the national football team was good, what we saw was that the “mad dog spirit” advocated by Zhu Guanghu and Gao Hongbo’s “training theory” only had an awkward ending.  However, when the national football team experienced a series of failures and the impact of the exposure of football “fake”, “gambling”, and “black” incidents, and were at the forefront of criticism of public opinion, they fought for the East Asian semifinals in the form of mourning soldiers.Unexpected victories have been repeated, and the game that defeated the South Korean team with 3 goals is an example.  For this national football team, in order to inspire its fighting spirit and enhance its combat effectiveness, in addition to improving technical and tactics, it should start from the following two aspects.  First of all, we must abandon the “training theory” and openly and clearly define the goals of the Asian Cup.In essence, the national football team needs to boldly recruit newcomers.At present, young people with potential in the domestic league are not common, such as Liao Lisheng, Dong Xuesheng of Evergrande, Zhang Xizhe of Guoan, Park Cheng, Zhang Chengdong, Sun Ke of Shuntian, Ji Xiang, Wu Lei of Shanghai, Lu Wenjun.(According to Xinhua News Agency)