CBA Fujian team’s home game against Tianjin men’s basketball team tonight defending Quincy Dolby
Minnan News November 2nd At 7:35 tonight, the CBA Fujian team will usher in the first game of the new season in the Jinchang Zuchang Stadium, the opponent is the CBA upstart Tianjin men’s basketball team.Tianjin Men’s Basketball reached the playoffs last season and this season introduced CBA’s 75-point Mr. Quincy Dolby.Wu Bolan, general manager of the Fujian SBS Men’s Basketball Club, said that the club has no special requirements for the first game and no big prizes, and hopes that players can deal with the game with ordinary heart.  In the new season, the CBA Fujian team is tuned by Prada, and defense has become the foundation of the team.But in the preseason, the team’s defensive system is general, which is related to the rotation of the main players.Tonight’s game is a tough battle for Prada. Whether Dolby, Zhang Nan or Meng Xianglong are good scorers, they will test the defensive ability of the Fujian team.Who will be Fujian’s starting point guard in the new season and become the biggest attraction.In addition, the Fujian team has multiple scoring points for Wang Zhelin, Harrington, Zhao Tailong, Zhou Qixin, and Chen Linjian this season. Whether they can play a pleasing offense is also one of the highlights.(Reporter Shi Leilei)