Look, Wilde has already penetrated this world.
Answer: Yes.From top to bottom: “Youth of the Youth”, “My name is Jin Sanshun” and “Wild”.On November 30, 1900, the great writer Oscar Wilde died at the age of 46.He is a representative of aestheticism, and he is also a “golden sentence maker.””There are two kinds of tragedies in life, the first is that you can’t get what you want, and the other is what you want.”This sentence is from Wild Lady’s Fan, written by Wilde in 1892.”This sentence also appeared in the movie “Wild”.”Men are married because of fatigue, women are curious.But the result is the same, all disappointed.”This sentence is from Wilder’s” Insignificant Woman “.This sentence was quoted in the Korean TV drama “My Name is Jin Sanshun”.”We are all in the gutter, but people still look up at the stars.”This is what Wilde often quotes, and it is also from” Mrs. Windermere’s Fan “.At the end of the 20th century, after nearly a century of damage to its reputation, Britain finally established a statue of Wilde.On November 30, 1998, the Wilde statue by Maggie Hamlin was unveiled on Adelaide Street near Trafalgar Square in London.The statue is titled “Conversation with Oscar Wilde” and is inscribed with this quote from Wilde.In the “You’re You” released this year, Chen Nian, who played by Zhou Dongyu, wrote this sentence in both Chinese and English.Sa Jianye editor He Jianwei proofreads Li Shihui