“Dajiang Dahe 2” Yang Caiyu replaces Jin Chenyan’s returnees, Sun Yizhou plays Gao Gan’s children
Sauna Night News (Reporter Zhang He) On December 18, the TV series “Dajiang Dahe 2” announced the latest cast lineup, Yang Caiyu will play Liang Sishen who returned from studying abroad, and Sun Yizhou will appear in Xiao Ran.It is reported that the play is under intense filming.Yang Caiyu will play Liang Sishen.The picture comes from the network on December 10, 2018. The first episode of the TV series “Dajiang Dahe” was premiered. The drama reformed the state-owned, collective, and individual economic forms at the beginning of the reform and opening up. Song Yunhui (Wang Kai) and Lei DongThe forerunners represented by Bao (Yang Shuo) and Yang Xun (Dong Zijian) continue to explore and break through the life stories, and have received extensive attention and recognition.It is reported that “Dajiang Dahe 2” will continue the content of the first part, called the encounter and struggle of Song Yunhui, Lei Dongbao, Yang Xun and others in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The times are turbulent and they will faceWith new possibilities and challenges, fate will change accordingly.Liang Sishen, played by Yang Caiyu, is a new era elite woman who has grown and transformed in the wave of reform.According to the novel, in the following plot, Liang Sishen no longer accepted Song Yunhui’s pursuit and became his second wife, and Yang Xun also cooperated with Liang Sishen when he entered the mall, but in the end the two cooperated to break up.Xiao Ran, played by Sun Yizhou, is a high-ranking child in the book and will have a complicated business relationship with Yang Xun.The team of the Air Force “Dajiang Dahe 2” once played the role of Liang Sishen on Weibo @ 金 晨.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Lu Qian