In the name of epidemic prevention materials, illegal fund-raising is done!Another province issued a “risk alert”
At present, the overall planning of the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic situation and economic and social development across the country is at a critical moment.However, there has been a new situation in the society under the banner of epidemic prevention and control for illegal fund-raising activities. On March 6, the official website of the Anhui Financial Supervision Bureau issued a “risk reminder that vigilant elements use the new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control for illegal fund-raising activities.”.The reporter noticed that within two days, this is the second province where the local financial supervision department specifically “voices” on this.According to an introduction by the Anhui Financial Supervision Bureau, some lawbreakers have recently discovered through online social platforms that they issue raised funds to establish epidemic material production enterprises, and promised high refunds, regular dividends or repayment of principal and interest; some lawbreakersLies that they can purchase consignments such as “masks”, “disinfectants” and “special effects medicines”, and promise to buyers that they can “rebate points” and “join profits” to defraud the victim’s money;Internet + “Blockchain” and other concepts implement illegal fund raising.Just two days before Anhui ‘s “voice”, on March 4, the Shandong Financial Supervision Bureau issued an announcement prompting investors to “reasonably choose investment channels during epidemic prevention and control and guard against illegal fund-raising traps”.In the announcement, Shandong Financial Supervision Bureau “risk reminder” for the fraudulent claims that they can buy consignment “special effect drugs”, “masks”, “disinfectants” and other materials, or speculation on the concept of “coronavirus cryptocurrency”.At the same time, experts of Shandong Financial Supervision Bureau, illegal fund-raising is an illegal and criminal act. Participation in illegal fund-raising is at your own risk and is not protected by law. The government will not pay for it.At the same time, regarding this phenomenon, the Anhui Provincial Office of Non-Professional Affairs is particularly prominent. The above-mentioned various types of assets, supply and sales of anti-epidemic and anti-epidemic materials that promise to lure with high returns are all carefully designed by criminals to use public psychology during the epidemic prevention and control period.While working hard to fight against the epidemic, the people must be cautious, keep their eyes open, calmly analyze some high-yield, fast-rising investment projects, firmly believe that “the sky will not lose a part”, and reject the lure of high profits and stay away from illegalRaise funds to avoid being cheated.In this regard, the Shandong Financial Supervision Bureau also publicly made three tips to investors: first, do n’t believe in the fools of “preserving capital and high returns” and “low expenditure and high returns”; second, do n’t believe in “crowdfunding” and “rebate”The gimmick of “return to capital”; third, don’t “debt investment”.The reporter saw that, together with the announcement of the “risk alert”, the local financial regulatory authorities in Anhui and Shandong also made public calls for monitoring of major cities in the province.The financial supervision bureaus of both places have indicated that the reporting of access to the phone has been opened. If the public finds clues about illegal fund-raising, please call the phone in time to report it. Once verified, it will be rewarded according to the relevant procedures.Sauna, Ye Wang Huang Xinyu editor Wang Yu proofreading Liu Jun